so after having this site up and running for several years, i’m wondering whether to start a bit of online pontification… maybe linking up with twitter and facebook and so on (see below). what to write about? music mainly but also the things that affect or influence the music i make and enjoy.

i’ve noticed that this little site gets a fair amount of traffic , and meets its original primary objective of generating enquiries for gigs, contacts, help and so on. so perhaps people could post things here, others might reply and so a little online community action might start to happen – who knows.

by the way, the other objective of this site was to help me learn a bit more about the online world, websites and so on, and it’s met that. as a result of this one, i also administer and write most of this website so that’s been a good spin off as a result of what i have learnt here. twitter and facebook came as a result of trying to keep up with kids… don’t ask me about bbm though. a mystery! next thing then – getting a few things linked up and as people keep asking me, some clips of what we actually sound like – that really is a challenge, not least as the very lovely friend who did record us properly a year or so ago lost the original recordings in a hard disk crash nightmare, so all we have to work from is the mp3 files which luckily survive on my ipod. hey ho!

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