…and other stuff

so this is primarily a jumping off point for non-brass or musical stuff… stuff that interests me and so on. if you want to find out more about me you could read up here or check out facebook here if you are into that sort of thing . it’s up to you. or call for a chat.

so what makes me tick? being a father of 2, being married, living in windsor, working in surrey for a successful company that actually makes something out of raw materials to sell to real people. no, i’m not a professional musician – that choice was made decades ago and i know it was the right one. i run a bit, ride a bike not enough, am very involved in our local church, and current interests include messing around with websites and how people can be brought together through talking and stuff. and i am trying to learn about photography for when my knees give up and i cannot play the trumpet anymore.

oh, i am a passionate fan of music: playing it, listening to it, watching people play it while i listen. in fact i like just about any form of good music, as long as it is performed in a good spirit and not just because some megalomaniac manager has made it so. my hero is the great wynton marsalis. i cannot stand the ‘talent’ shows that hoodwink usually young people into thinking they are great, or worse make fun of vulnerable people to pay a production company’s bills. or more accurately pay a fee to the previously mentioned megalomaniac! if you are considering appearing on a tv talent show – don’t. find a local venue, contact the person who runs it and see if they will give you a spot to perform. there are open mic nights all over the place. i did one the other night, reading some stuff and playing some tunes.

that’s enough rambling. check out the bloggy stuff on the right to see other rambles and newsy updates, they will come in time if they are not there already.