Good photography is tough


I love the idea of taking great photos, composition, lighting, focus etc. I know the science – having started on 35mm and now with a decent digital SLR (Pentax K7). But there’s a problem.

I know the root cause – lack of practice. The excuse that even WITH practice my photos are only good to amuse and usually to annoy me.

Even planning for and spending a day with an old friend in a fresh bright autumnal London today saw me pick up the big camera, weigh up some lenses but put them down in favour of travelling light.

I do know what I like taking photos of – people and I could even come up with a theme/style (or whatever the correct term is) that I’d pursue given some encouragement.

Hey ho. Here’s a shot from today that probably ought to be on the cutting room floor but it’s the best I could do!

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