Had a good experience playing in an am dram show the other week. The MD was great in getting in touch and even invited the players round to his house for lunch before show week and kept us all in touch with details on fees (there were some negotiations) and progress. Due to diaries the band call was well before show week but that was fine and when we came to dress rehearsal we had a great cheat sheet handed to us with cuts and other edits nicely summarised. Apart from a deep and smaller than usual pit all went well – the performers on stage did really well and it was a great pleasure to be part of this show. And we fun in the pit. Why meerkats? When we were invited to take a bow on the opening night, we gained this name from the guys on the sound/light desk at the back of the theatre. Apparently as we popped our heads above the pit, we blinked a bit and looked this way and that. Very witty, Mr Sound Man. Anyway, the musicians have resolved to keep in touch (there were only 7 of us) and maybe make some more music together. One of the reed players is a good arranger, so perhaps this could be the start of a new band. Answers on a postcard (or email) for the name of the group!

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