orchestra metaphor

I love this article on the BBC website – this gets into areas I have been thinking for years, that conductors (ie leaders of any sort) who appear to be in front, in charge, visible etc, are really REALLY effective when they are “enablers” for the teams they lead… Yes, they are the ones in the public eye but it’s really the whole team that gets things done, working together. When I use an orchestra as a metaphor (when people are receptive) I also like to talk about section leaders and their role, and then the almost magical or telepathic way players can adjust and cover for each other when ‘stuff’ happens. For example, I was playing in an amateur show recently when a singer came in at the wrong place – I saw the look of panic on the conductor’s face as he could do nothing, but the band adjusted seamlessly – no one knew. This is a great article. Where do you sit in your orchestra… fascinating!

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