so you’re running a multi-national company, a charity, or a social club. if your organisation is looking to add something a bit different at your next christmas/summer event, why not talk to us?

whether it’s a traditional carol based sing-song, or more of a concert with christmas themed music, we’d love to hear from you. between us we have a track record of running a whole variety of christmas events and we’d be delighted to talk to you so we can understand your requirements in more detail. We can do whole range, from the serious to the very lighthearted… why not give us a shout?

if summer is on your mind, perhaps you are organising an event where some light musical accompaniment would really add to the occasion? please don’t think brass means ‘loud’ (it can be if you or we want it to be!), but for the announcements or awards, a quick fanfare does get attention quickly and effectively! why not inject some humour – darth vadar’s theme from “Star Wars” for the Finance Director? ok… it’s up to you!

For more details, call matthew on 07876 144464 or