we love playing at weddings!

if you are thinking about something to make your wedding stand out from the crowd,  look no further!

we can advise from ceremony (church or civil) to reception; from fanfare to final departure flourish

there’s nothing to lose – between us we have played at countless weddings, and we know the little things that make a big difference. for instance, photographs during signing the register… they always takes longer than you think…

based on our collective experience we’ve even developed our famous wbc at your wedding checklist, so you know when you need to focus on talking to us, the sorts of questions we will ask (the music for walking in? walking out? fanfares before speeches? formal? informal? what do you want us to wear?) we even have access to an excellent arranger so, you hum it, we’ll play it!

you can see what a happy bride said to us recently here or call Matthew on 07876 144464